Gifts For Your Valentine Vino Lover

Ahhh, the gift of wine… The gift that keeps on giving.  Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to enjoy some vino with the one you love. The tradition of enjoying an intimate dinner and a great bottle of wine is ingrained into the consciousness of romantics around the globe. There are so many fun gift ideas around this time of the year that are sure to awe your loved one!

Buying wine is a form of art.  It’s not an easy task, especially when you are buying for someone who knows wines very well. There are several ways to go about buying wine as a gift. You can start with a favorite varietal or a favorite region or you can set a price point.  Wine does not have to be super expensive to be good. Choose one that your loved one will brag about!


How about a wine club membership?  Now that’s unique!  You determine how many months, which wine club best fits your special Valentine’s tastes and each month brings a new wine adventure to their doorstep. Price range $30-180 per month.

wine delivery

RAVI… yes, RAVI is always a great idea!  Instantly surprise your Valentine with this awesome Instant Wine Chiller.  Ravi never alters the taste and it features a valve that lets you control the flow of wine which helps in obtaining the desired temperature. Vino perfetto!


If you have a Valentine reader to please, gift them a great wine book they’ve always wanted.  Add a personal message inside the book and let your love take on the journey of a lifetime.  From wine region spotlights to food pairing protocol and everything in between, there’s a book and a wine for everyone.


Vino lover with a sweet tooth?  No problem!  There is an easy way to perfectly pair wine and chocolate. This is a chocolate tin six-pack with varying degrees of chocolate intensity to pair with specific red wine varietals. Each eye-catching tin of chocolate is appropriately labeled for each varietal – making your job of tasting easier than ever. A top-pick gift idea for Valentine’s day – Wine Lover’s Chocolate Tins, and reasonably priced at only $20!


You can always stick to fun and unique wine accessories.  Choose from wine racks, decanters, glasses and a multitude of accessories to wine apparel from the Home Clever website. You won’t be disappointed!

Blomus Cioso

Whatever you do, find a way to enhance your Valentine’s Day with lots of vino, love and color RED!