Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Fall in Love With

It is almost that time of year again and love is in the air. The shelves are filled with heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, stuffed animals, vases of roses, and anything else that is pink, red, or white. It is Valentine’s Day of course, so start getting those ideas ready for what you are going to buy for that special lady. Will you go traditional and get candy or flowers? Or think outside the box with something a little more unique and unexpected? If you are unsure where to begin or what creative alternatives there are, here are five ideas to get you into the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Chandelier Accessory Stand


If your girlfriend or wife has a lot of jewelry, the odds are she doesn’t have enough places to neatly store them all. The Chandelier Accessory Stand is a beautiful piece of decorative art that also just happens to be a stand for jewelry. She can hang all those necklaces and bracelets from the chandelier’s arms, while putting pins, earrings, and rings in the base for added storage space. Made from steel and in black or white, she’ll love the look and functionality of this great accessory organizer.

Torpedo Vase


Elegance, chic, and sophistication is all you can ask for from your vase to hold flowers. On Valentine’s Day, if you are getting her a bouquet of roses, then you’ll want a perfect way for her to store them. The Torpedo Vase is stylish and versatile, so she can put it in her kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living area, letting any guests she has over see the wonderful display of affection you bought her this year.

FRAMY Picture Frame

Perhaps you want to go a little more personal this year and give her something truly meaningful. The FRAMY Picture Frame is a great complement for her to hold that precious snapshot of both of you from a memorable moment in your relationship. Its brushed stainless steel construction makes it look contemporary and expensive, while the 18/8 size allows for a 4″ x 6″ picture to be held. Smile for the camera with this great gift idea.

LED Lighted Vanity Make-Up

For the woman who loves putting on makeup or doing her hair, she’ll truly appreciate the LED Lighted Vanity Make-Up Mirror. Its satin nickel finish creates a modern aesthetic that will complement her bathroom or bedroom décor nicely, while not sacrificing the efficiency that this great mirror provides. Its bright LED lighting makes for an easier viewing experience, and with batteries instead of a power cord, she can simply take it anywhere in the house when getting ready in the morning.

Giorgio Tote Bag

What lady doesn’t love purses or bags? The Girogio Tote Bag takes a more modern approach and has stylized classic tote bags with its leather material and stainless steel accents. The magic is in how it easily folds up into a simple rectangle so she can store it in her car or other purse and then open it up to reveal the convenient bag she can use for holding up to 19 lbs of items. So whether she is taking it shopping for groceries or just needs another bag for holding her accessories, she can’t go wrong with this versatile tote bag.

Spring Decor: 4 Inspirational Vases



Nothing quite defines springtime as all the colorful flowers in bloom when you step outside. As new life is bursting, from the soft hum of the bees to the little ducklings, there is a sense of vibrant energy that cannot be missed. Why not transfer some of these colors and beauty into your home?

As the other half of the flower is the vase it is in, you do not have to stick to a boring, typical vase anymore. Make the vase a part of your home decor. Below are just some creative vases that will really stick out and allow your flowers to shine.

outline vase


Outline Vase

This Outline Vase is a design curated by the Museum of Modern Art, and is a beautiful modern porcelain ceramic material. It takes the outline of a common vase and turns it into an extraordinary art piece. It works best with displaying one simple flower bud, as this goes with the rest of the minimalist look. This vase will win you many compliments from your guests.

blossom vase

Blossom Vase

Also curated by the Museum of Modern Art, this beautiful Blossom Vase stretches the boundaries of the ordinary vase. The flowers are held by brass rods that are attached to the bottom of the vase. This vase is perfect for stem-like spring flowers such as tulips and lilies. Everyone will be quite amazed to walk over and realize these flowers are real and appear to be defying gravity.

chalkboard vase

Chalkboard Vase

A favorite amongst children and adults alike, this chalkboard vase allows you to create your own vase right under the flowers. Whether you use it as a message area for your family, or simply a whimsical decoration, it can be a great asset to have. This is also an excellent gift for friends or coworkers and fits in perfect in an office setting. This design is part of MoMa, and was even included in MoMa’s Collection Destination: Brazil due to its innovative and thoughtful contemporary design.

A Peaceful Bomb Vase

A Peaceful Bomb Vase 

Whether you are a loud advocate for peace or not, this Peaceful Bomb Vase is the perfect gesture of making a bold statement in your home. The white ceramic will go perfect in any home and is the perfect place to have colorful flowers burst out of. It will no doubt be a conversation starter in your garden or home, and you can help do your part in having an important message spread.

Any of the above choices will look great paired with spring flowers and will add a sprinkle of life and design into your home this spring!