Must-Have Gear for Summer Picnics

Are you planning a picnic this summer? Picnics are a great idea for getting outside and experiencing the summer months among nature. Maybe you are having a family-fun picnic or something a bit more private for you and a loved one. Either way, you’ll be glad you have these picnic essentials for that next adventure at eating outdoors.

WIRES Bottle Carrier

Looking to bring a lot of bottles with you on your picnic travels? Instead of struggling to carry all those bottles, and especially for those that are glass, you can easily store and carry them in the WIRES Bottle Carrier. This handy case can hold up to 6 bottles, so whether it is water, wine, soda, or alcohol, you can load this carrier up and head outside.

Inset Salad Servers

For those healthier cuisine options on your picnic menu, serve them up in style with the Inset Salad Servers. What is really unique about this set is that the fork half can actually fit into the spoon part, making traveling with them even better.

Wine Cooler

Keep those wine bottles nice and chilly as you enjoy your picnicking with the Wine Cooler. This insulated collar will wrap around your bottles and keep the cool in and the warm out so you’ll have a nice chilled glass of wine to pour when the time is right.

Picnic Basket Kit

For the ultimate in picnic luxury, you have to check out this Picnic Basket Kit. You’ll have practically everything you could ask for when it comes to a picnic for four. Included are 4 sets of silverware, 4 dinner plates, 4 wine glasses, 4 napkins, 2 salt & pepper shakers, and 1 bottle opener. There is enough space inside this roomy basket to fit all your picnic goodies as well, so just grab your blanket and you’ll be all set.

Portable Picnic Table 

For those who would prefer the picnic without the eating on the ground part, you’ll love this Portable Picnic Table. Now you’ll have a place to eat with you anywhere you go. It is durable yet light enough to be carried with you to your picnic site and will unfold easily so you can start eating quicker. Say goodbye to sitting on the dirty ground and hello to a new way to enjoy your picnic time anytime.

Picnic Umbrella

For those sunnier days when you wish to picnic without getting burnt beneath the blistering summer sun, you’ll be glad you have the Picnic Umbrella. Besides the sun, nothing will ruin a picnic faster than the rain. Never fear getting rained out again with this durable cover that will protect you from the sun and weather. Portable and easy to set up, you’ll have plenty of room underneath this spacious umbrella to fit the entire family on your next picnic outing.

End-of-Summer Inspired Items for the Home


Once Labor Day has pass, so does the end of summer season for most people. The changing from summer to autumn is a beautiful time and can be a great transitional period to bring in new additions to the home.

Celebrate the end of this summer with the following items for your home and bring in this fall with an extra boost of energy!

Highwave Coffee Tea Mug

Hotjo: A Clumsy Coffee-Lovers Dream

Whether you are going back to school for the fall or just want a refreshing change in your job, this Hotjo Coffee Cup can make your mornings run smoothly. As the weather changes, hot drinks will begin to replace the icy ones, and having this wide base travel mug with a rubber bottom will insure that you never spill another hot drink again.

Takeya Classic Water Bottle

Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle

As the weather changes, it can be easy to catch a cold, so it is important to stay properly hydrated. Not only is this Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle eco-friendly, it is also made of glass to eliminate any of the metallic and plastic tastes of many other bottles. Since the bottle has a silicone jacket, it provides a fine grip  so that the glass does not prove to be a problem.

Oasis Fireplace

Oasis Indoor Outdoor Bio-ethanol Fireplace

For those still looking to enjoy the last remaining days of summer, this Oasis Indoor Outdoor Bio-ethanol Fireplace is the perfect investment. It is small enough to easily carry in and out, and can be used throughout the year no matter the season. It is sleek and modern, made out of polished stainless steel, making it the perfect decoration for the yard or in the house. You can also easily add in any decorative stones, shells, or beads to the fireplace, as long as it is not flammable.

Summer turning into fall can be a nostalgic but exciting time as everything in nature is quickly changing. Going along with the flow and adding some helpful products into your life can be a great way to embrace the change into welcoming the new season!

Getting Your Home Ready for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend marks the end of summer and it is the perfect time to begin to prepare your home for the fall and winter seasons. Though it can be bittersweet saying goodbye to the summer, spending this extra weekend on Labor Day can save you troubles in the future.

It is also a great way to get the family or a group of friends together to work on a project before the business of school and work gets in the way.

Here are just a few project ideas to get you started.


Paint a Room

Now is the perfect time to freshen up how your home looks in color. Fall colors are some of the most vibrant you will find, and it is a fun way to change up your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. If you would rather focus on a smaller project, perhaps you can install a new wallpaper pattern or some wall decor, such as this Wallflower set.

Depending on how many people you have helping out, it may not be manageable to paint the whole house. Focusing on one room or section of the house this weekend can help be that jumpstart for later projects.


Update the Furniture

Sometimes all the home needs is a refresher of a few key items to make the whole place look new. This Tabulo Side Table is one such option that can be a great addition to any living room, bedroom, or office. Lighting is another major player in how your room will look. You can choose from a mood lighting like this Midsummer Light with its intricate designs, or a nice soft, white light such as this Mr. N LED Table Lamp 

If you are not looking to shell out a lot of money at the moment, check your local secondhand store to see if there are any furniture pieces you can salvage and repair yourself. You can always spend this Labor Day Weekend on a DIY painting project to transform your existing furniture to a modern touch. There are also often discounts at this time, and you may find some cheap options for smaller furniture pieces to purchase.


Plant in the Yard

Take advantage of these fall colors and make sure that your garden or yard is ready for when the leaves do change and begin falling. Do some research and figure out what seasonal plants will work in your area, and go from there. Consider getting some new gardening tools such as this handy VERDO Watering Can or the GREENS Mister to get excited about the fall season.

What are your plans for Labor Day Weekend? Will you be able to make some time to work on your home? Let us know what you are thinking in the comments below!

A Clever Guide to Hosting Summer Parties

Summer is officially here and it is time to start thinking about hosting a party! Even if you may not be on a long vacation, try to find a weekend where you can invite your friends and loved ones to your home. The early summer is always nice as temperatures are not extremely hot yet, and it is still nice to be outside in the warm breeze.

Hosting a summer party does not need to be difficult or a lot of effort. The right tools can go a long way, and the following are five excellent party accessories that will make your guests asking you for when the next gathering will be.

2 Part Beverage Jar



The key to summer parties will be the drinks available. As the weather is heating up, everyone will be excited to try out new cocktails and sip on some ice cold beverages. This 2 Part Beverage Jar makes it easy for you to make creative and colorful drinks with minimal effort. It is carefully designed by mouth blown glass, and will be the highlight of the party table. The top compartment can hold up to two gallons of liquid, making it last long enough for all your guests to enjoy. The bottom part can be filled with fruit or summer flowers as an added decoration.

Margarita Goblet Set

Another component to drinks is the glass that it is served in. As this is what the guests will be holding for most of the party, you want them to be comfortable and classy. The Margarita Goblet Set fulfills both requirements by hinting at historic royalty, yet it is still sleek and modern. This set made of stainless steel will also keep the drinks icy cold, which is a must-have in the summer weather.


Double Wall Ice Bucket


Drinks at a summer party can be kept even extra cold with this Double Wall Ice Bucket. Designed for home bar and parties, the ice bucket is meant to keep the ice in its frozen state for a long time. You no longer have to worry about refilling melted water with fresh new ice as this container will do the trick for you.

Oasis Table Top Fireplace

Lighting and Atmosphere

The lights of your party will play a huge role in how comfortable your guests are. Depending on the time of day and mood you are going for, you will want to play around with how the lighting will look. For example, bright, natural, white lights are excellent for a day party, whereas a ambient, fire-lit setting may be the perfect way to allow your guests to relax at night.

Stainless Steel Cone Torch

The Outdoor Lawn TiKi Stainless Steel Torch is great for outdoor parties as it radiates and fills the whole space with a bright, warm light. The Oasis Bio-Ethanol Fireplace is also an excellent choice to bring out the summer bonfire feeling for late-night parties. It is designed so that it can go inside or outside as well, allowing the guests to freely roam without feeling overly confined.


Do you already have a party planned for this summer? Let us know in the comments!