August Flower of the Month: Gift Inspiration From the Gladiolus


The Gladiolus, also known as the “Sword Lily” is a flower that represents a wide variety of things, from calm, integrity, and remembrance, to infatuation. When giving this flower to a recipient on their birthday or as a gift, it is represented as piercing the recipient’s heart with love. Of course, there are many ways you can bring the spirit of the Gladiolus into a variety of gifts that will last longer than the flower itself.

Below are just a few ideas to get your brain started to seeing what you can give your friends and loved ones who are celebrating special days in August or simply as a kind gesture to show how you feel about your friendship.


A Vase

From clever “Peaceful Bomb-shaped” Vases to a Chalkboard Vase that holds a dual purpose, there are plenty of ways to give the gift of the beautiful Gladiolus flower while allowing your thoughtfulness to last longer than the flower’s life.

The April Vase, A Subtle Vase is a good choice to give to a loved one to decorate their home and add some nature into their life. It is an assortment of 21 glass tubes, which can easily be separated into individual locations or bunched together for a larger flower assortment. They have a zinc metal frame that works to add a modern touch to any home.


Small Home Decorations

Small decorations are always a good gift to give as they can often be exactly what is needed as a final touch in a room. These beautiful Monarchy Wall Decor Set of 24 not only reference to beautiful flowers such as the Gladiolus, but also are great as a stand-alone gift. Each butterfly has a simple snap-in connector or light-duty adhesive so that it can easily be mounted on any type of surface, whether it is a cabinet, door or wall. Similarly to this, you can find flowers or dragonflies to decorate your room.



Accessories such as jewelry with a Gladiolus pendant or pink shades of colors is a great way to make the meaning of the gift last without it fading away as the flower dies. From earrings to a necklace or ring, there are plenty of choices to decide on as the right fit. The Orchid Jewelry Tree is nature-inspired and an excellent pairing for any jewelry. Not only will the receiver of this special gift be able to use it for the piece of jewelry you get them, they can also put their existing and future treasures on it.

Do you have anyone in mind that you need a present for in August? What were you thinking of getting them? Let us know in the comments below!