Must-Have Gear for Summer Picnics

Are you planning a picnic this summer? Picnics are a great idea for getting outside and experiencing the summer months among nature. Maybe you are having a family-fun picnic or something a bit more private for you and a loved one. Either way, you’ll be glad you have these picnic essentials for that next adventure at eating outdoors.

WIRES Bottle Carrier

Looking to bring a lot of bottles with you on your picnic travels? Instead of struggling to carry all those bottles, and especially for those that are glass, you can easily store and carry them in the WIRES Bottle Carrier. This handy case can hold up to 6 bottles, so whether it is water, wine, soda, or alcohol, you can load this carrier up and head outside.

Inset Salad Servers

For those healthier cuisine options on your picnic menu, serve them up in style with the Inset Salad Servers. What is really unique about this set is that the fork half can actually fit into the spoon part, making traveling with them even better.

Wine Cooler

Keep those wine bottles nice and chilly as you enjoy your picnicking with the Wine Cooler. This insulated collar will wrap around your bottles and keep the cool in and the warm out so you’ll have a nice chilled glass of wine to pour when the time is right.

Picnic Basket Kit

For the ultimate in picnic luxury, you have to check out this Picnic Basket Kit. You’ll have practically everything you could ask for when it comes to a picnic for four. Included are 4 sets of silverware, 4 dinner plates, 4 wine glasses, 4 napkins, 2 salt & pepper shakers, and 1 bottle opener. There is enough space inside this roomy basket to fit all your picnic goodies as well, so just grab your blanket and you’ll be all set.

Portable Picnic Table 

For those who would prefer the picnic without the eating on the ground part, you’ll love this Portable Picnic Table. Now you’ll have a place to eat with you anywhere you go. It is durable yet light enough to be carried with you to your picnic site and will unfold easily so you can start eating quicker. Say goodbye to sitting on the dirty ground and hello to a new way to enjoy your picnic time anytime.

Picnic Umbrella

For those sunnier days when you wish to picnic without getting burnt beneath the blistering summer sun, you’ll be glad you have the Picnic Umbrella. Besides the sun, nothing will ruin a picnic faster than the rain. Never fear getting rained out again with this durable cover that will protect you from the sun and weather. Portable and easy to set up, you’ll have plenty of room underneath this spacious umbrella to fit the entire family on your next picnic outing.

July Flower of the Month: Inspiration from the Larkspur


The larkspur is a beautiful flower that comes in various colors, each symbolizing something different. In general, larkspurs identify with strong bonds of love. Perhaps because the most common color is purple, which usually represents a first love. Other colors include pink for fickleness and white for happiness. The name “larkspur” comes from the flower looking like a lark, and it has its roots in nature and wildlife.

Below are some ways to bring the energy and vibrance of the larkspur into your home and garden.

Bathroom: Bird Bath Shower Caddy

The bathroom is a space where you want to feel energized and ready for a variation of events: from preparing for your day to winding down for the night. Taking inspiration from birds and nature can be a fun way to bring in some life to your bathroom.

Umbra Bird Shower Caddy

This shower caddy will not only help organize your bathroom, it will also look cute doing so. It is designed to hold all your shower needs: including places for your bottles, a soap dish, built-in razor holders, and various hooks.

Bedroom: Z-Bar Mini LED Desk Lamp

Z-Bar Mini Desk Lamp

Add a little of the larkspur purple into your bedroom. Royal blue and purple makes for a beautiful backdrop and is also great for little details in decor. This Z-Bar Mini LED Desk Lamp is one such example of how you can subtly add in some color to a room. Of course, this lamp is not an ordinary one. The three bars are designed to be fully adjustable so that you can easily control it to whatever point of light you want.

Garden: Blomus Chichi Chick NIDO Bird Feeder

Stainless Steel Bird Feeder

Taking after the lark and nature inspiration of the larkspur, this cute little bird feeder can make your garden shine with nature. It is made of stainless steel so that it is easy to clean after all the birds are through with it. It also easily fits through various hanging instructions, or can always lay on a flat base as well.

Kitchen: The Raven’s Nest Wine Rack 

Raven's Nest Wine Rack

This simplistic and modern wine rack is the perfect addition to the kitchen. The design is based off of nature’s most basic elements: sticks from a bird’s nest, and is really seen as a fine art collection on its own. The wine rack can hold up to six bottles, and will be admired by all those who see it.

Living Room: Sandpicture Movie

Sandpicture Movie

A centerpiece in the living room is one of the sure ways to give it personality and make it an entertaining place to be in for family and friends. This unique sand picture uses falling sands to mimic natural scenes, from the Northern lights to the ocean. This Aurora Borealis one above includes the vibrant larkspur colors in it to make for an eye-catching decoration.

What do you think of the larkspur? Would you incorporate any of the above into your home? Let us know in the comments below!