Home Decor Inspiration from the October Birthstone: Opal

Opal is the official birthstone for October, and is a beautiful assortment of rainbow colors that make it a favorite stone in general. The reason it takes on a variety of colors is because the internal structure diffracts light, so it will take on different colors depending on the conditions of how it was formed.

Sometimes a variety of rainbow colors can be difficult to decorate with because it can quickly start to feel overwhelming. However, when done correctly and in small amounts, a rainbow scheme can go well with the rest of the home and add exactly the color you need.

Below are some excellent gifts to give those who celebrate October as their birth month, or simply if you want to add a little opal into your life!


Psychedelic Office Desk 

Whether this is for an office friend or simply for your own home, this creative psychedelic office desk can be an excellent addition to brighten up your day. The desk has a glossy black tempered glass top along with a black steel frame, making it strong and long-lasting to complete any simple to intense projects. The fun colors will be sure to draw attention and conversation from those working around you.

Sandpicture Movie Small

Sandpicture Movie

Adding in a little rainbow in your life has never been this easy. These series of Small Sandpicture Movies are an excellent way to bring color into your home. The natural scenes formed from falling sands provide you with a relaxing view at all times. You can choose from a variety of scenes, but they all have bright and beautiful colors in common!


Electric Glass Kettle

A quick way to add in some opal inspiration at the beginning of your day is with the Electric Glass Kettle. Whether for your coffee or tea, this cordless kettle is a simple way to boil water safely. The cool blue LED light will continue glowing, allowing you to know when the kettle is boiling and will automatically shut off when it is finished.

Boom Water Fountain speakers

Boom2O Speakers with Sound Responsive Water & Light Show

Whether given as a gift or for your own home, these fun speakers will be the center of attention. Each speaker comes with 6 multi-colored led lights. It is also USB powered meaning that you can take it with you to any location to start the party. Once you connect the speakers with your device and turn on the music, streams of water and light will come on according to the beat.

These are just a few crazy and entertaining ways for you to be inspired by the October Birthstone Opal and add some rainbow colors into your life this fall!