New Year’s Resolutions To Strive For in 2017

Happy New Years everyone! Traditionally, people set a series of resolutions that they hope to fulfill in the coming year. Have you made yours yet for 2017? Ask yourself, what are some goals you want to achieve this year? Perhaps you want to improve your organization skills, get in better shape by working out more, or eat healthier. Here are five new year’s resolutions you can put on your list and some products to help you achieve them.

Resolution #1: Drink More Water

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Make one of your goals this year to drink more water. Water will help refresh and hydrate you while also flushing out any toxins in your body.

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Keep more water around you with the Acqua Water Carafe by Blomus. A stunningly gorgeous carafe that holds up to 1 liter of water. You’ll be glad to fill this up each and every morning before you leave for the day.

Resolution # 2: Eat Healthier

The next resolution on your list can be to eat healthier. Smoothies are one such drink that can really help when you are watching those calories and trying to limit the fattening foods you typically eat.

The Designer 725 Blender with Wild Side Jar will help you blend up all those fruits and veggies for a healthy alternative to those sugary drinks. With its 3.8 horsepower motor, multi-speed pulse, and six programmed cycles for ultimate in blending technology, you’ll be making smoothies of all flavors in no time. It can also make soups, peanut butter, dressings, sauces and more!

Resolution #3: Be More Organized

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Are you the type of person who just can’t seem to keep organized? Is your desk or workspace at the office a cluttered mess of papers, folders, and writing instruments? Are you constantly losing things in that pile of stuff and can never find anything when you need it? Your next resolution this year should be to get more organized, and the MagNet Mesh Organizer will help do just the trick. This sleek and stylish desk organizer is magnetic, so you can either attach it to your metal desk, freeing up more room, or you can sit it on the desk’s surface. Put your files, paperwork and sticky notes in the larger compartments, and store your pens, pencils, or markers in the narrow slot and you’ll have everything you need neatly at your fingertips.

Resolution #4: Take A Few Moments to Relax More

With all the stresses of your daily life, make it a goal this year to take some time and just relax. Relaxation will help alleviate all that tension that has built up in you, making you feel refreshed and reinvigorated. Dedicate even a half hour each day to just sit back and unwind. The CINO Aromatherapy Burner will help bring some tranquility to your life. Add a tea light, pour some oils into the bowl, and light the wick, and allow the glows and scents wash over you. It’ll be like a spa for your home. What better way to relax?

Resolution #5: Go Outside More

We are all guilty of it: spending too much time indoors on our computers, in front of the television, working for too many hours each day. A lot of us don’t get the luxury of spending enough time outdoors anymore. Gardening is a great hobby to get you outside and is also very therapeutic and relaxing being amongst nature and all your plants. The Blomus Aguo Stainless Steel Watering Can is designed to last and will look ultra sleek as you go about hydrating your garden. So put down that tablet for a few hours and pick up this great watering can, and get outside more this year!


Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Alright ladies, it is now that time of year when you need to figure out what you want to buy that husband or boyfriend of yours for Valentine’s Day. Does it seem harder trying to find something to get the guy for this special day? Fear not for we have the solutions to your presents predicaments. Cast aside those uncertainties and indulge in one of these gift ideas that will really say I Love You this Valentine’s Day.

Credit Card Holder w/ Money Clip

Does he have that same old wallet that he’s been carrying out since the beginning of time? Trade in the old for a new and more exquisite way to keep credit cards and money secure with the Credit Card Holder w/Money Clip. This stylish accessory will replace that dusty old wallet of his nicely due to its genuine leather material and polished nickel money clip.

Sleek Business Card Box

moma business card box

For the businessman in your life, he’ll look like the most professional guy at the office when coworkers see his business cards stored in the Sleek Business Card Box. The stainless steel finish makes for a modern desk accessory while the transparent lid brings a contemporary look and feel to this box. Everyone will know he means business now when they see him remove his cards from this great gift for Valentine’s Day.

Nicholas Portside Flask

Whether he is a sailor or always wanted to be one, you can give him the gift of the Nicholas Portside Flask for all his nautical drinking needs. Designed to resemble a ship’s porthole, he can raise a toast to the ocean each time he takes a sip of his favorite alcohols. The stainless steel design and glass window makes for a rich look and marine-inspired gift that he’ll be sure to love this year.

Tewo Key Holder

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It is time to get a little practical this Valentine’s Day with a gift that any guy who is constantly losing his keys will greatly appreciate. The Tewo Key Holder may look simple, but it will save him hours of aggravation searching for his keys as he is in a mad rush to leave the house. Say goodbye to misplaced keys now thanks to the Tewo Key Holder.

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August Flower of the Month: Gift Inspiration From the Gladiolus


The Gladiolus, also known as the “Sword Lily” is a flower that represents a wide variety of things, from calm, integrity, and remembrance, to infatuation. When giving this flower to a recipient on their birthday or as a gift, it is represented as piercing the recipient’s heart with love. Of course, there are many ways you can bring the spirit of the Gladiolus into a variety of gifts that will last longer than the flower itself.

Below are just a few ideas to get your brain started to seeing what you can give your friends and loved ones who are celebrating special days in August or simply as a kind gesture to show how you feel about your friendship.


A Vase

From clever “Peaceful Bomb-shaped” Vases to a Chalkboard Vase that holds a dual purpose, there are plenty of ways to give the gift of the beautiful Gladiolus flower while allowing your thoughtfulness to last longer than the flower’s life.

The April Vase, A Subtle Vase is a good choice to give to a loved one to decorate their home and add some nature into their life. It is an assortment of 21 glass tubes, which can easily be separated into individual locations or bunched together for a larger flower assortment. They have a zinc metal frame that works to add a modern touch to any home.


Small Home Decorations

Small decorations are always a good gift to give as they can often be exactly what is needed as a final touch in a room. These beautiful Monarchy Wall Decor Set of 24 not only reference to beautiful flowers such as the Gladiolus, but also are great as a stand-alone gift. Each butterfly has a simple snap-in connector or light-duty adhesive so that it can easily be mounted on any type of surface, whether it is a cabinet, door or wall. Similarly to this, you can find flowers or dragonflies to decorate your room.



Accessories such as jewelry with a Gladiolus pendant or pink shades of colors is a great way to make the meaning of the gift last without it fading away as the flower dies. From earrings to a necklace or ring, there are plenty of choices to decide on as the right fit. The Orchid Jewelry Tree is nature-inspired and an excellent pairing for any jewelry. Not only will the receiver of this special gift be able to use it for the piece of jewelry you get them, they can also put their existing and future treasures on it.

Do you have anyone in mind that you need a present for in August? What were you thinking of getting them? Let us know in the comments below!


Home Decor Inspiration from the October Birthstone: Opal

Opal is the official birthstone for October, and is a beautiful assortment of rainbow colors that make it a favorite stone in general. The reason it takes on a variety of colors is because the internal structure diffracts light, so it will take on different colors depending on the conditions of how it was formed.

Sometimes a variety of rainbow colors can be difficult to decorate with because it can quickly start to feel overwhelming. However, when done correctly and in small amounts, a rainbow scheme can go well with the rest of the home and add exactly the color you need.

Below are some excellent gifts to give those who celebrate October as their birth month, or simply if you want to add a little opal into your life!


Psychedelic Office Desk 

Whether this is for an office friend or simply for your own home, this creative psychedelic office desk can be an excellent addition to brighten up your day. The desk has a glossy black tempered glass top along with a black steel frame, making it strong and long-lasting to complete any simple to intense projects. The fun colors will be sure to draw attention and conversation from those working around you.

Sandpicture Movie Small

Sandpicture Movie

Adding in a little rainbow in your life has never been this easy. These series of Small Sandpicture Movies are an excellent way to bring color into your home. The natural scenes formed from falling sands provide you with a relaxing view at all times. You can choose from a variety of scenes, but they all have bright and beautiful colors in common!


Electric Glass Kettle

A quick way to add in some opal inspiration at the beginning of your day is with the Electric Glass Kettle. Whether for your coffee or tea, this cordless kettle is a simple way to boil water safely. The cool blue LED light will continue glowing, allowing you to know when the kettle is boiling and will automatically shut off when it is finished.

Boom Water Fountain speakers

Boom2O Speakers with Sound Responsive Water & Light Show

Whether given as a gift or for your own home, these fun speakers will be the center of attention. Each speaker comes with 6 multi-colored led lights. It is also USB powered meaning that you can take it with you to any location to start the party. Once you connect the speakers with your device and turn on the music, streams of water and light will come on according to the beat.

These are just a few crazy and entertaining ways for you to be inspired by the October Birthstone Opal and add some rainbow colors into your life this fall!