Inspiration from the September Flower: Morning Glory

september flower

Morning glories are the September flower, and their delicate blue and purple petals are loved by many. They get their name because they will unravel into full bloom in the early morning and will generally curl back up for the rest of the day. Morning glories can easily be grown in your own backyard, but if you do not have a green thumb, here are some other ways you can add the spirit of morning glory into your home this September.


Be Prepared

Mornings can be a stressful time for most people. From getting ready to go to work to making sure the rest of the day goes smoothly, those few hours in the mornings are crucial.

One of the easiest ways to make sure your mornings start out right is to be prepared the night before. Decide what you are going to wear the next day, and get any meal preparations done then. Set your keys out where you know you can find them immediately, and get all everything so you are ready to go right when you wake up!

Umbra Shower Caddy

Get Your Bathroom Ready

Once you wake up, you want to be able to quickly jump in the shower and be on your way to feeling clean and fresh for the rest of the day. You do not want to be fumbling around for anything when you are short on time. This Blomus Primo Shower Shelf makes it easy not only easy to store your soap and toiletries, but also has a ventilation allowing to easily dry during the day.

Blomus Primo Shower Shelf

If you have too many toiletries to fit onto the shelf, a Bask Shower Caddy is another excellent option. This shower caddy has three storage baskets that are large enough for a shared bathroom as well. The design is smart in allowing holes in the bottom for water to run out of.

A great addition to make your mornings less stressful is the Fogless LED Light Shower Mirror with Clock. This little creative invention is a fog-free mirror, allowing you to jump out of the shower and immediately begin preparing for your day. You can also get a magnification for up to 5X, as well as always be aware of the time you have left before leaving with the LED alarm clock.


Making a Healthy Breakfast

Having a good breakfast will give you the rest of the energy you need for the day. This Electric Glass Kettle is cordless and is both safe and convenient. It allows you to boil water in just a few minutes and is much faster than a regular stove-top, allowing you to spend time on more important things in the morning. It also takes the colors of the Morning Glory flower with its blue and purple LED light that allows you to know when the kettle is boiling.

ovente glass electric kettle

For a fun way to keep your mornings entertaining, use this MINOR MIRACLE Mug for your hot drinks. The bottom of the cup is styled to show the image of the lady, but will only show when you are drinking coffee, tea, or something else equally dark. The handle and rim are also nicely designed to be conveniently picked up.

Minor Miracle Mug

The above tips should make your mornings run smoother and you can be shining just as the Morning Glory flowers are in the early hours of the day!

Inspiration from the October Flower: Marigold


Marigold is the perfect flower for October as its bright orange and reflects everything from popular pumpkins for Halloween to the leaves changing colors as they fall down to the ground. Marigold can be a difficult color to decorate your home with as the brightness can be intimidating. However, when done right, orange can be an excellent accent color that will make the room shine and inviting.

A general rule when deciding on any type of bright colors for a room is to follow the 60-30-10 Rule. This is simply the idea that the color scheme for a room is broken down in the percentages of 60% of a dominant color, 30% of a secondary color, and 10% as an accent color. This can be as creative as you wish to take it, but generally the 60% will be the color of the walls, 30% will be the upholstery colors, and the 10% are the accent pieces and extra pop of color.

When it comes to orange and any other similar louder accent colors, there are many ways to use it to accommodate what you want. Whether it is simply the 10% or the 60%, it is a refreshing color that can provide energy to a room.



When using orange simply as a accent, it can make the home feel modern and sleek. An excellent combination is to stick with monochromatic colors for everything else and only use orange very sparingly on what you want to be the center of attention. Adding a warm color such as orange to an otherwise monochromatic room really softens the room but still stays true to the minimalist design.



To really energize and brighten up a room, consider making 30% of your room orange. This can easily be done by adding in orange soft fabrics to curtains, rugs, and sofas. This is an excellent way to add color without being permanently attached to it as it can easily be switched out when seasons change. When the weather cools down and turns into winter, it can be nice to have a pop of energy to keep the spirits high in an otherwise grey day.



For a more permanent change to your home, you can opt for painting the walls orange or find an orange wallpaper design. When using orange as the primary color for your room, be sure to pick other accent colors that go well and do not take away from the orange color. You can also try adding in different shades of oranges and brown so that the general design is still in the same color scheme. This transformation can truly add personality and character to a room.

No matter if you choose to add in a little or splatter your home with orange, you will be sure to be energized and find it an inviting change for your home this fall!

Vase Inspiration from the September Birth Flower Aster


One of September’s birth flowers is the beautiful Aster. Most people might not have heard of this flower but here are some fun facts about it:

-It is a fall-blooming herb which makes it a perfect flower for September.

-The flowers themselves will often be confused with daisies, as they look quite similar.

-The Aster is not related to the daisy, but instead is a relative of the sunflower.

-The Aster symbolizes several things including love, faith, and wisdom.

-Asters come in many colors including pink, red, white, lilac and mauve. All will have yellow as the center though.

If you do decide to gift your friend or loved one with these Aster flowers, here are some ideas for what to pair it with for a gift that will last and be memorable.

MoMA Outline Vase

Outline Vase

As the Aster flower can easily stand alone and take the center of attention, this Outline Vase is the perfect container for a one-stem flower. Designed by Yuko Tokuda for the Museum of Modern Art!, this vase also stands alone as an artistic piece of porcelain ceramic that is perfect as a thoughtful gift. The Aster flower will shine in this vase, and the vase will be able to be used in the future for other single flowers in bloom.

MoMA Chalkboard Vase

Chalkboard Vase

You can pair different colors of Asters into this Chalkboard Vase, or stick to a color theme within the home. This is also an excellent gift to give a co-worker or loved one, as you can pair a nice message on the chalkboard area of the vase. This creative design is part of the MoMA collection to show how art can easily be integrated into any object. The vase will also live far longer than the Aster flower, and is an excellent way to exchange fun messages and drawings with your friends.

April Vase by Tse Tse

April Vase

If you are looking to grow a whole batch of beautiful Aster flowers this September, this April Vase is just what you need. Not only can you put them all together for one big bundle, if you would like to separate them they come in small components. The goal of the vase was to be able to fit into smaller spaces that a normal vase may not, and now you can fill all the nooks and crannies in your home with fresh flowers. The glass tubes are delicate and aesthetically pleasing, making it a great addition to any home.

The Aster flower is the perfect flower to bring into your home this September and now you have plenty of options for placing them in a thoughtful location. Whether you use the vase as a gift or for yourself, it will come into good use and brighten up your month!

Daisy Loving in Your Life: April Flower of the Month

As April is quickly ending, what better way to continue celebrating the warm weather and new life with the April Birth Flower, the daisy.


Daisies are cheerful and colorful, symbolizing childhood memories, pure innocence, and a sense of simplicity and joy. These are an easy plant to grow in our garden, and come in a variety of colors. If you do not have a green thumb, there are plenty of ways to embody the daisy spirit in other ways. Here are some ways you can bring some of these vibrant colors into your life:



White is a staple color that automatically can brighten up a room. It works as the perfect backdrop for any other accent color. White is so commonly used in modern spaces because of its fresh, neutral look. Paying attention to the white space can help you relieve stress and unnecessary worries in your life. If your home or workplace is already busy with other colors, try adding some white accessories to balance it out for a calm, refreshing new feel.

blomus muro

You could try a faded gray stainless steel MURO Magnetic Board (comes in sizes from XS to XXL depending on your preference). The magnetic board will also help get your life in control by allowing you to place everything that is important at the moment in one place.

Shades of Yellow, Red, and Purple

Colored daisies stick out in a field of daisies with their bright, shining color. From shades of yellow to pinks, reds and purple, daisies come in all sorts of colors. Adding a pop of yellow into your home or office is like placing a few rays of sunshine in a room.


If you are bold, why not take a look at some more vibrant pieces of furniture to put in the office or your home? This Psychedelic Office Desk will be a conversation starter, and will keep your work life interesting.

Lumisource Psychedelic DeskOf course, you can always stick to adding smaller snippets of color with some artwork on the walls, accessories such as pillow cases and decorations, or a colorful, daisy-themed centerpiece.

The everlasting beauty of the daisy flower does not have to fade away when April ends but is a great source of inspiration to take from all year long.