Autumn-Inspired Items for Your Kitchen

As the seasons are changing, it will soon be time to pull out those cardigans and socks. Welcoming in autumn does not only need to be within the wardrobe, but can be done in the rest of the home as well. The kitchen is a wonderful place to bring in autumn. Whether this be through pumpkin spices or going out to hand pick fresh apples, finding local vegetables is something that can easily be done by visiting a local farmer’s market.

If you want to even further bring the sense of autumn into your kitchen, here are some other items that can help you bring in the the new season.

Bonjour Frother

Cafe Latte Automatic Frother

Instead of spending money daily on your Pumpkin Spice Lattes, learn how to make your own with this easy Cafe Latte Frother. The frother will automatically turn your skimmed milk into a rich froth in just seconds. Not only will you be able to use it for this season, you can continue on for cappuccinos and lattes for the winter. The frother also works as a double tool to scramble eggs or mix dressings.

Wine Aerator

DELTA Wine Decanting Carafe

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy a glass of wine in the cool, fall nights.  This Decanting Carafe has an unique built-in filter that will automatically aerate your wine as you pour it into your wine glass. You will be able to taste the difference in your wine, and the pouring spout allows you to make sure you never spill your red wine again. The dark colors of the red wine goes well with the change in colors, and is a perfect pair to drink within and outside of the kitchen.

Blomus Sencha Tea Warmer Tray

SENCHA Tea Maker and Warmer

Fall is the time to bring out those tea bags. Besides the obvious healthy reasons of drinking tea, the warmth in it will help with the cooler weather. This Tea Maker takes the ancient art of tea making and puts a modern spin on it. It also has a tea-light warmer to ensure that your tea stays the right temperature throughout the day.

These additions to your kitchen will make your autumn a memorable one. You will also be able to continue using these handy gadgets for the rest of the year, making them a well-worth investment.

What are you most looking forward to this autumn? Would you consider purchasing any of the above items? We would love to hear from you, let us know in the comments below!

Fall-Inspired Outdoor Decor

Even though the crisp air of fall can be a little chilly, it can still be heartwarming to be outside with a warm fire to keep you warm. Fall is the time where you enjoy your last days outside before winter hits. With the right decor, you will want to be going out into the yard all the time to enjoy some wine and friend’s company. Not only will you be reminiscent of those warm summer nights, you will also be making new memories as well.

Below are some items that will make your time outdoors in the fall that much more pleasant.


FUOCO Tabletop Firepit

A good fire pit can warm up anyone in close vicinity. This tabletop fire pit can burn up to two hours and is the perfect addition for any outdoor part. The solid black outer surface with its frost-proof pottery is a piece of artwork in itself, and also serves to hold the fire safely. The fire pit comes with an extinguisher that allows you to easily put out the fire whenever you wish.


LUMBRA Lantern

This sleek design of the old-fashioned lantern is a perfect addition to your home this fall. You can keep it outside until the wintertime and bring it in for a modern home decor as well, allowing the warm glow to come into your home just in time for the holidays. The warm candlelight it offers during the night is a nice balance to the white, sleek look it gives off during the day.


Viento Pinwheel

As winds pick up during fall time, this Pinwheel is a fun accessory to add to your garden or yard. Not only will you be able to track how fast the wind is going, the pinwheel standing over 27” will not be missed by your neighbors as well. It is made of stainless steel and is long-lasting throughout all the seasons. It also helps deter birds due to its reflective quality, so any garden plants or flowers you may have will be safe.


GREENS Round Planter on Wheels

Even though spring and summer are over, there are many plants that grow year-round and now is an excellent time to add them to your garden. This Round Planter on Wheels is both lightweight and mobile, allowing you to move in the planter whenever it does get too cold for them in the winter. From planting your own vegetables to just having a beautiful landscape, you can get creative with the placement with these re-arrangeable indoor or outdoor planters!

Your outdoor experience in the autumn will be greatly enhanced with the above items, and you will want to spend even more time outdoors in the beautiful fall weather!

Inspiration from the September Flower: Morning Glory

september flower

Morning glories are the September flower, and their delicate blue and purple petals are loved by many. They get their name because they will unravel into full bloom in the early morning and will generally curl back up for the rest of the day. Morning glories can easily be grown in your own backyard, but if you do not have a green thumb, here are some other ways you can add the spirit of morning glory into your home this September.


Be Prepared

Mornings can be a stressful time for most people. From getting ready to go to work to making sure the rest of the day goes smoothly, those few hours in the mornings are crucial.

One of the easiest ways to make sure your mornings start out right is to be prepared the night before. Decide what you are going to wear the next day, and get any meal preparations done then. Set your keys out where you know you can find them immediately, and get all everything so you are ready to go right when you wake up!

Umbra Shower Caddy

Get Your Bathroom Ready

Once you wake up, you want to be able to quickly jump in the shower and be on your way to feeling clean and fresh for the rest of the day. You do not want to be fumbling around for anything when you are short on time. This Blomus Primo Shower Shelf makes it easy not only easy to store your soap and toiletries, but also has a ventilation allowing to easily dry during the day.

Blomus Primo Shower Shelf

If you have too many toiletries to fit onto the shelf, a Bask Shower Caddy is another excellent option. This shower caddy has three storage baskets that are large enough for a shared bathroom as well. The design is smart in allowing holes in the bottom for water to run out of.

A great addition to make your mornings less stressful is the Fogless LED Light Shower Mirror with Clock. This little creative invention is a fog-free mirror, allowing you to jump out of the shower and immediately begin preparing for your day. You can also get a magnification for up to 5X, as well as always be aware of the time you have left before leaving with the LED alarm clock.


Making a Healthy Breakfast

Having a good breakfast will give you the rest of the energy you need for the day. This Electric Glass Kettle is cordless and is both safe and convenient. It allows you to boil water in just a few minutes and is much faster than a regular stove-top, allowing you to spend time on more important things in the morning. It also takes the colors of the Morning Glory flower with its blue and purple LED light that allows you to know when the kettle is boiling.

ovente glass electric kettle

For a fun way to keep your mornings entertaining, use this MINOR MIRACLE Mug for your hot drinks. The bottom of the cup is styled to show the image of the lady, but will only show when you are drinking coffee, tea, or something else equally dark. The handle and rim are also nicely designed to be conveniently picked up.

Minor Miracle Mug

The above tips should make your mornings run smoother and you can be shining just as the Morning Glory flowers are in the early hours of the day!

Inspiration from the October Flower: Marigold


Marigold is the perfect flower for October as its bright orange and reflects everything from popular pumpkins for Halloween to the leaves changing colors as they fall down to the ground. Marigold can be a difficult color to decorate your home with as the brightness can be intimidating. However, when done right, orange can be an excellent accent color that will make the room shine and inviting.

A general rule when deciding on any type of bright colors for a room is to follow the 60-30-10 Rule. This is simply the idea that the color scheme for a room is broken down in the percentages of 60% of a dominant color, 30% of a secondary color, and 10% as an accent color. This can be as creative as you wish to take it, but generally the 60% will be the color of the walls, 30% will be the upholstery colors, and the 10% are the accent pieces and extra pop of color.

When it comes to orange and any other similar louder accent colors, there are many ways to use it to accommodate what you want. Whether it is simply the 10% or the 60%, it is a refreshing color that can provide energy to a room.



When using orange simply as a accent, it can make the home feel modern and sleek. An excellent combination is to stick with monochromatic colors for everything else and only use orange very sparingly on what you want to be the center of attention. Adding a warm color such as orange to an otherwise monochromatic room really softens the room but still stays true to the minimalist design.



To really energize and brighten up a room, consider making 30% of your room orange. This can easily be done by adding in orange soft fabrics to curtains, rugs, and sofas. This is an excellent way to add color without being permanently attached to it as it can easily be switched out when seasons change. When the weather cools down and turns into winter, it can be nice to have a pop of energy to keep the spirits high in an otherwise grey day.



For a more permanent change to your home, you can opt for painting the walls orange or find an orange wallpaper design. When using orange as the primary color for your room, be sure to pick other accent colors that go well and do not take away from the orange color. You can also try adding in different shades of oranges and brown so that the general design is still in the same color scheme. This transformation can truly add personality and character to a room.

No matter if you choose to add in a little or splatter your home with orange, you will be sure to be energized and find it an inviting change for your home this fall!