Simple and Modern Accessories for Your Desk

Staying productive in the office or at home can be key to a happy and stress-free lifestyle. If you are finding that your work space is overcrowded and not ideal for working, here are just a few items that can help you organize your belongings and get you back on track.

LED Folding Desk Lamp

Lumisource LED Folding Table Lamp

The first thing you will want to note in your office space is if you are getting adequate light. Of course, natural light from windows will help you to stay productive, but if you need some extra help, consider the LED Folding Desk Lamp. Not only is this lamp a stylish and modern design, it works as a portable table lamp to allow you to work in any setting. It is collapsible which allows it to be easily moved and also has a telescoping arm. There are several settings from dim, low light to a brighter option.

MagNet Mesh Organizer

MagNet Mesh Organizer

If you find yourself always looking for a pen or something to write on, this MagNet Mesh Organizer was made for you. Here you have everything all in one spot, allowing you to throw away your previous scattered brain self. It also has a special strong magnetic back, allowing you to place this on the side of your desk to give you more working room.

MURO Perforated Magnet Board

Blomus Muro Magnetic Perforated Board

Keeping track of important dates, messages and meetings has never been easier with this Magnetic Perforated Board. Not only does the perforated steel make it attractive, you will also be sure to keep this board for a while as it can handle the daily wear and tear. The perforated aspect also is excellent for putting hooks on for keys. Now you can have everything important all in one place. This is also great for the home to help keep everyone’s schedules straight and keep important papers such as grocery lists and doctor appointments.

Anti Slip LapTray

Bosign Anti Slip Lap Tray

If you often bring work from the office back home, or if your home is your workspace, the Anti-Slip Laptray is a handy tool to have. Most lap trays will be great in concept but may slide and not do the job of holding everything on it in place. This work surface has been tested with laptops, phones, cups, and bowls. You can now be more productive by eating while you work. It also comes with a mold-able pillow bottom so that you do not have to have the direct heat of your laptop ever touch your thighs again.

Do you find that you have a special area in your home that you are most productive in? Do you already use similar items in your workspace? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay Organized With A Tower of Clips

Author Michael B. Kitson said:  “When you have cleared all of your clutter, you can be of greater service to those around you.” For starters, because you can go about your business in a more efficient manner, rather than spending lots of time searching between mounds of stuff.

So we are proud to suggest an item that will help you unclutter your surroundings, and do so while keeping up with your fine aesthetics. The MoMA Tower of Clips multipurpose organizer was designed by Barbara Flanagan for the Museum of Modern Art.

moma tower of clips organizer

It is an ingenious and attractive solution to keeping small items, the type that you need to use on a daily basis, at a permanent location – be it business cards, reminder notes, pens, or car keys.

Made of stainless steel, this organizer has 12 clips arranged on both sides that we think make the unit resemble a tree. You can attach to it anything that you will be using throughout the day, whether at home or at the office.

Where are you keeping small items right now? Could it be in a drawer mixed in with paper clips, notepads, glue, and the sort? We are positive that after you try this organizer you will wonder how you ever survived without it.

An author besides a designer, Flanagan is quite aware of the importance of organization. Her creation for MoMA reflects it, and we are excited to offer it as part of our push for clever living.

Be of greater service to those around you! Let the “Tower of Clips” help you stay organized!