How To Organize Your Bathroom In Style

If you pride your home on being the trendiest on the block or love showing off your stylish apartment to all your friends, then you certainly know how to decorate. You probably have modern art hanging from the walls, abstract sculptures displayed throughout, and upscale furniture to really bring the entire look together. However, you want your bathrooms to match the overall aesthetic that you are going for, so eliminating messy counters and ancient accessories will help upgrade your bathroom to the next level.

Tubo Acrylic Organizer

For the ladies out there who never seem to be able to find enough spaces to store their makeup brushes, lip pencils, eye liners, mascaras, makeup sponges, and more, the Tubo Acrylic Organizer will do just the trick. This seven-tubed piece is perfect for keeping all those bathroom must-haves in one place while retaining that modern style you like.

Primo Hair Dryer Holder

Any woman who loves doing her hair and requires a hair dryer understands the dilemma of where to properly keep the hair dryer so that it is safely away from water but always within reach when needed. The Primo Hair Dryer Holder is an innovative and high-quality upgrade to the typical hair dryer holders due to is stainless steel material and sleek design.

Nexio Double Toilet Roll Holder

Even your toilet paper can be stored in style now thanks to the Nexio Double Toilet Roll Holder. This stainless steel product can easily hold two rolls of toilet paper and not lose the overall look of a modern and luxurious bathroom.

MENOTO Toilet Butler

Your bathroom never looked so sophisticated until the MENOTO Toilet Butler arrived. Enjoy the dark grey polystone base, the stainless steel toilet paper stand, and the matching cylindrical toilet brush container. The streamlined and upscale quality of this piece just speaks to how wonderful your taste and style are.

NEXIO Cotton Swab and Pads Dispenser

When decorating your bathroom, you won’t want to forget about two essential items that’ll need a place to be stored. Your bathroom counters will look spotless now with the Nexio Cotton Swab and Pads Dispenser which will keep your cotton swabs and cotton facial pads nicely organized within its stainless steel with matte finish design.

VINDO Twin Towel Hook

Last, but certainly not least, to complete your model bathroom’s overall look and feel, you’ll want to have a trendy place to hang all your towels. Enjoy the stylish VINDO Twin Towel Hook which looks absolutely chic and sophisticated due to its stainless steel design and matte finish. Your towels and even bathrobes will stay off the floor and be nice and neat and clean.

5 Well-Designed Items for a Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in our home. This is where we get ready for the day and where we unwind to relax for the night. Sometimes even the smallest gadgets can be important to promote the highest productivity and make for the best user experience.

Below are five handpicked well-designed items that will be a great addition to any bathroom. Each gadget has been uniquely designed with the user in mind, understanding what we subconsciously want and need in the bathroom accessory.

stainless steel hairdryer holder

Primo Hair Dryer Holder

No matter the length of hair or style, a hair dryer is a staple that most people will want to include in their bathroom. From allowing you to quickly get ready for work to giving you that extra bounce to your hair, the hair dryer has multiple uses. This Primo Hair Dryer Holder is an addition you will want to consider as the stainless steel will keep your hair dryer safe from any water. You also do not have to worry about cluttering your bathroom counter or taking up room in the precious drawer space.

Liquo Toothbrush Holder

Liquo Porcelain Toothbrush Holder 

We all have had those days where our toothbrush sits on bathroom counter. However, to be hygienic and classy at the same time, try using this Liquo Porcelain Toothbrush Holder . Not only does the porcelain white go well with any bathroom, the stainless steel removable lid makes it easy to clean at anytime. Now you can ensure what you put in your mouth to clean your teeth is equally clean itself.

Stainless Steel Towel Holder Bar Rack

MENOTO Towel Rack

The nightmare of stinking towels is over with this MENOTO Towel Rack. You can easily place your towel to dry after your shower on this. It also comes in handy to placing your clothes or any other shower accessories during your shower. This is also the perfect rack to have if your bathroom has tight quarters, as the two T-shaped stainless steel rods stack perfectly to make it easy for you to use.

Blomus Primo Wall Mirror

PRIMO Wall-Mounted Cosmetic Mirror

Men and women alike will appreciate this mirror. It is easily mounted onto a wall to save space, as most bathrooms will already be tight in space without extra accessories. This Primo cosmetic mirror also features a 5X magnifying focus on one side, helping you get a good look at yourself when you need it. The arm extends out to 14” but can easily be tucked back in as well when you do not need to use it. This mirror will help you look your best no matter the circumstance.

Menoto Toilet Butler

MENOTO Toilet Butler

This toilet paper stand is the newest invention that combines service and simplicity for all that you need for your toilet. It does not take up much space and is designed to align with tiles and walls for a sense of clean geometry. With a two roll toilet paper stand as well as a place for the toilet brush, it has everything thought out so that all you have to do is place it wherever you wish in your bath area.

These five products will transform your bathroom experience into one that is easy and relaxed so that you can worry about the more important things in your life!

5 Functional Items For Your Modern Bathroom

A good shower can be the difference between a bright and productive day or a dreary and miserable day. There are many little things that you can do to make sure you have the best experience in your shower so that you feel clean and refreshed.

Below are just a few products you can consider for your bathroom to optimize your shower experience:

Wiper Mirror

Wiper Mirror

We all know the feeling of frustration from coming out of the shower and looking into a foggy mirror. Especially on busy mornings when you may already be late, the last thing you want to do is wait for the fog to disappear. The Wiper Mirror is the perfect solution, and in a matter of seconds, you will be able to see your beautiful reflection once again.

Blomus Sento Glass Shelf

SENTO Glass Shelf

This luxurious glass shelf will make you feel as if you had stepped into a high-end hotel. Fitted perfectly for your bath area, this Sento shelf by Blomus will make your bath time feel cleaner and refreshed. You can easily place all your cleaning products onto the shelf, and it will have a self-adhesive option so that your walls will not be ruined.

Umbra Bask Caddy Shower Organizer

Bask Shower Caddy

If you are more about convenience than luxury, perhaps this Bask Shower Caddy is better suited for your shower. There are three storage baskets, making it the perfect addition if you are sharing the bathroom with someone else. The design is well suited with holes on the bottom to allow any access water to drain out by itself. It easily hangs from your shower head or curtain rod so that you have easy access at all times.

Zadro Fogless LED Light Shower Mirror with Clock

Fogless LED Light Shower Mirror with Clock

Not only is this handy dandy mirror already fog less, it also has LED Surround Light Technology that will automatically turn off after 5 minutes. For those of us that need a closer look at our face sometimes, you can change the magnification up to 5X. If that is not enough to impress you, there is also an alarm clock so you can make sure your mornings go smoothly with a timed shower.

Cotton Pad Dispenser

NEXIO Cotton Swab and Pads Dispenser

Cotton swabs and pads are a necessity for the bathroom. Whether it is wiping off makeup or cleaning your face, this Cotton Swab and Pad dispenser will allow you to conveniently have everything right on the counter. An organized bathroom can help you feel more calm and ready for the day.