Vase Inspiration from the September Birth Flower Aster


One of September’s birth flowers is the beautiful Aster. Most people might not have heard of this flower but here are some fun facts about it:

-It is a fall-blooming herb which makes it a perfect flower for September.

-The flowers themselves will often be confused with daisies, as they look quite similar.

-The Aster is not related to the daisy, but instead is a relative of the sunflower.

-The Aster symbolizes several things including love, faith, and wisdom.

-Asters come in many colors including pink, red, white, lilac and mauve. All will have yellow as the center though.

If you do decide to gift your friend or loved one with these Aster flowers, here are some ideas for what to pair it with for a gift that will last and be memorable.

MoMA Outline Vase

Outline Vase

As the Aster flower can easily stand alone and take the center of attention, this Outline Vase is the perfect container for a one-stem flower. Designed by Yuko Tokuda for the Museum of Modern Art!, this vase also stands alone as an artistic piece of porcelain ceramic that is perfect as a thoughtful gift. The Aster flower will shine in this vase, and the vase will be able to be used in the future for other single flowers in bloom.

MoMA Chalkboard Vase

Chalkboard Vase

You can pair different colors of Asters into this Chalkboard Vase, or stick to a color theme within the home. This is also an excellent gift to give a co-worker or loved one, as you can pair a nice message on the chalkboard area of the vase. This creative design is part of the MoMA collection to show how art can easily be integrated into any object. The vase will also live far longer than the Aster flower, and is an excellent way to exchange fun messages and drawings with your friends.

April Vase by Tse Tse

April Vase

If you are looking to grow a whole batch of beautiful Aster flowers this September, this April Vase is just what you need. Not only can you put them all together for one big bundle, if you would like to separate them they come in small components. The goal of the vase was to be able to fit into smaller spaces that a normal vase may not, and now you can fill all the nooks and crannies in your home with fresh flowers. The glass tubes are delicate and aesthetically pleasing, making it a great addition to any home.

The Aster flower is the perfect flower to bring into your home this September and now you have plenty of options for placing them in a thoughtful location. Whether you use the vase as a gift or for yourself, it will come into good use and brighten up your month!