5 Thoughtful Wine Gifts For Under $50

Do you just love wine? The aromatic scents, sweet tastes, and rich blends of a nice bottle when you pop that cork for the first time. If you or someone you know considers themselves a wine connoisseur, here are some great gift ideas that won’t cost you more than $50, thereby saving your money to go buy even more wine.

XL Wine Glass

You may not believe it, but this wine glass can hold an entire bottle of wine. Don’t believe us? Try out the XL Wine Glass for yourself and see. Your eyes are telling you that it isn’t possible, but once you pour out the contents of that bottle, you’ll realize that it is true. Enjoy sipping from this extra large glass filled with your favorite entire bottle of wine.

Blind Wine Tasting Game  

In case your wine drinking wants to become a challenge, you can now try the Blind Wine Tasting Game. Gather you and your friends and hold the ultimate in wine tasting. Simply put each bottle into one of the eight black sacks, take a sip, and see who can guess the type of wine. Keep score with the scoring sheet and by the end of the night, there will be a wine champion!

Wine Storage Rack

Now you can hold those fragile bottles of wine on a rack that is both strong and decorative. The Stainless Steel 3-Tier Wine Rack comes with spaces for up to 9 bottles of wine. The wavy metal shelves act as holders for the bottles and the steel support bars lock everything in place. Keep your bottles in style now with this expensive-looking holder that won’t break the bank.

HELIX Decanting Wine Pourer

Filter and aerate your wine all at the same time now thanks to the HELIX Decanting Wine Pourer. This stainless steel spout attaches to your wine bottles and allows you to pour without ever missing a single drop. Create a chic and elegant wine-drinking experience from now on when you serve up those glasses using this sleek pourer.

Legacy Wine Bottle Opener 

You can’t enjoy your wine if you can’t get the bottle open first. Fear not, wine drinkers, for the Legacy Wine Bottle Opener will pop the corks off all those bottles with ease. This bottle opener comes with a cartridge that will open 60 bottles of wine! The flavor is unaffected by this device and you’ll be able to start enjoying those vinos faster now with the help of this product.

You Won’t Need Ice To Cool Your Drinks With These Chic Bottle Chillers

Are you throwing a posh party? How about a sophisticated soiree? Maybe you are planning a fashionable festivity. Whatever the occasion may be, if you are going to serve drinks, you will need some way to not only cool them but keep them cold throughout the evening. Modern and high-end is what you can expect with these four prime choices to chill all your bottles at that next great gathering.

Stainless Steel Wine Chiller

If you are looking for a trendy way to cool down those bottles for your exciting evening, then you’ll love the Stainless Steel Wine Chiller. See what happens when luxury meets functionality with this bottle cooler that will keep your pre-chilled bottles cold for up to three hours so you can continue enjoying that nice cool bottle of wine for longer. With gel freezer packs instead of ice, you won’t have any mess to worry about at that dinner table.

Ice-Less Lounge Bottle Cooler

Perhaps your party starts indoors and then proceeds to the outdoor patio for some music and fine dining in the moonlight. The Ice-Less Lounge Bottle Cooler is functional for both indoor and outdoor use with its handles that make it simple to carry. You’ll never need ice again thanks to the four removable cooling packs. With its stainless steel design and fine matte finish, you’ll get a stylish cooler fit for any party.

VinOice Wine Chiller

Bring some marvelous cooling to the dinner table with the VinOice Wine Chiller.  Simply freeze the chilling rod for 30 minutes and then inserting it directly into the wine bottle so the cooling can immediately begin. When you are ready to drink, there is a rubber wine pour spout at the top so you can just as easily serve the wine as it was to chill it.

Easy Double Walled Bottle Cooler

Who wants to have a party or dinner where you have to worry about the ice melting everywhere and leaving a trail of water all over the place? The Easy Double Walled Bottle Cooler will eliminate the need for ice because of its durable, stainless steel, double-walled design that keeps bottles at the optimal beverage temperature for hours. Your drinks will stay cool as you continue being the best host or hostess that evening.

Essentials for a Modern Home Bar

A modern home bar is the perfect addition to any home. Whether you enjoy coming home to relax to a glass of wine or are always throwing parties for your friends, a home bar can be exactly what is missing from your life. Here are some essentials that can turn a mediocre home bar into one that all your friends and family will be jealous of.


For those dedicated beer lovers, beer drinking is not something to be taken lightly. From specific beers to proper tasting techniques, it is a true art. Here are some items that will make your beer drinking even more unique.

Highwave Australian Beer Glass

Australian Beer Glass

This beer glass is a step above the normal beer glass, and will make your beer drinking experience a fun one. Not only can you boast of how it is hand blown, it also helps with keeping your beer cool at all times, as glass sweat and hand-warmed beer will never be a thing with the Australian Beer Glass.


Beer Tasting Glass Set

13 Piece Beer Tasting Set

Beer tasting can be a fun activity to share with friends and family. This beer tasting drinking set will help you get into the beer world and try out different kinds of brew, from Wheat beer, Tulip, Porter / Stout to Pilsner, Nonic, and Stange. It comes with a beer tasting guide that you can share with your guests, educating everyone on glass pairings, food pairings, serving temperatures, and everything else you need to know about drinking beer the right way.


If beer may not be your beverage of choice, the above might not be as appealing. Here is an enticing option for those who may be more interested in cocktails and liquor shots.

Highball Glass and Ball Ice Set

On the Rock Highball Glass & Ice Ball Set

This is a fun drink to have around for parties. Each specially crafted glass comes with an ice ball mold that you fill up and freeze to chill the drink. Not only does it look fun, it also helps keep your drink cool. These glasses will keep the party going and will make the drinking experience one for all to enjoy.


If you are a wine lover and enjoy sipping on high-quality wine each meal or while you read a good book, you should consider this item for your modern home bar.

VinOair Premier Wine Aerator

VinOair Premier Wine Aerator

This aerator easily fits in the wine bottle to allow you the perfect pour without any spills or drips. It will allow you to have the highest quality of flavor for your wine. This also comes with a gravity lid, filter insert and travel case, making it convenient for any event, ranging from a picnic to a classy meal.

Whether you want a combination of beer, liquor and wine, or prefer just one for the night, your modern home bar will be sure to bring life to your home!

Do you already have a bar at your home? Which of the above would you like to add? Let us know in the comments below!

5 Accessories To Brighten Up Your Kitchen This Spring

Are you ready to add some spice into your life this spring?

The kitchen and dining room are the heart of the home as this is where all the meals are prepared and eaten. A good kitchen can make eating healthy and saving money an easy task to do. It is the foundation of the other areas of your life, and you want to make sure that your kitchen is healthy and happy all year-round.

Here are five useful yet well-designed appliances to brighten up your kitchen and dining experience this year.

Honey Pot

Honey Bee Pot with Dipper

The healthy benefits of honey range from energizing your body to fighting off bacteria, and is an excellent ingredient to replace unhealthy sugars. This cute Honey Bee Pot is the perfect place to store your honey and allows you to refill it whenever necessary. Whether you use it for breakfast or for afternoon tea, the honey will be a much needed burst of energy for the rest of your day.

Dressing Shaker

Dressing Shaker

Whether you are planting your own veggies or getting them from the local market, a good salad daily can help your body feel healthy. This dressing shaker allows your salad to have that extra taste and also looks good on the table. The Dressing Shaker comes with a silicone cork so you can feel free to shake the dressing without a fear of spilling.

2 Part Beverage Dispenser

2 Part Beverage Jar

Springtime is the perfect weather to host an outdoor party or celebration in your garden. This 2 Part Beverage Jar from Artland features easy pouring from the counter. The top part holds the liquid, while the second compartment can be filled with fruit for a healthy juice or water blend. Whether you are serving lemonade, water, or sangria, this 2 Part Beverage Jar will be the life of the party.

Vinogloww Wine Glass


This delicate handblown glass is perfect for wine lovers. It is designed so that the wine will stay at the same temperature for longer, putting a stop to hand-warmed wine. The Vinogloww Wine glass is the perfect addition to your kitchen this spring to make sure your wine is always exactly how you want it to taste.

Raven's Nest Wine Rack

The Raven’s Nest Wine Rack

As the birds outside are building nests for their young, this Raven’s Nest Wine Rack is the perfect way to add a little sense of nature into your kitchen. It can hold up to six wine bottles, whether empty or full of wine. Even without any wine bottles, the Raven’s Nest Wine Rack can stand alone by itself as a modern art piece.