Modern Office and Desk Accessories

When it comes to business, you always want to make a good impression. You need to come across as professional and responsible in the corporate world. Get a little help along the way as you climb that ladder to success with these five high-end items that will let people know that you definitely mean business.

Sleek Business Card Box

What businessperson doesn’t have business cards? If you truly mean business, then you’ll need business cards for anytime you meet prospective clients, business partners, or networking opportunities. But when you are in the office, you’ll want the perfect holder for all those professional cards and that holder is the Sleek Business Card Box. This stainless steel beauty has a transparent acrylic top that can easily be lifted so you can access all your cards for that next important meeting.

Bigfoot Tape Dispenser

Bigfoot tape dispenser

Rather than having a plain, old, boring tape dispenser that exists in every office, give your workspace that modern feel and sophisticated look with the Bigfoot Tape Dispenser. Stainless steel with die-cast aluminum, this little guy is sleek and fashionable, and brings a whole new level to the traditional tape dispensers. With suction cup rubber feet, it will also remain firmly in place so you will always have your tape at-the-ready.

Akto Stapler

Whether you are the boss or just another employee, the odds are you will need to staple those important documents, contracts, and files. How about a stainless steel upgrade in the form of the Akto Stapler? This metal office accessory is stylish and strong and will take on the toughest of stapling jobs, making your work easier, and your workspace sleeker.

Modern Office Desk Supplies

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Blomus Pako Waste-Paper Basket

Blomus Pako Wastepaper Basket

Well, you have to have somewhere to throw out all those rejected ideas and failed attempts at brainstorming. Instead of a regular garbage pail, make your office into the modern marvel it should be with the Elan Blomus Pako Waste-Paper Basket. You’ll love the look and overall design of this stainless steel basket that has a streamlined appearance due to its perforated cylindrical body that will complement any office space nicely.

Muro Notepaper Memo Roll Holder

You’ll need that perfect pad to right all those wonderful ideas on. The Muro Notepaper Memo Roll Holder gives you the elegance and contemporary look your desk needs at work. With its stainless steel design that just screams sophistication, simply jot down that reminder note, meeting time, or to-do list for the day, and rip it off when you are done. The roller will keep providing you with more space for keeping track of all those important tasks.

Simple and Modern Accessories for Your Desk

Staying productive in the office or at home can be key to a happy and stress-free lifestyle. If you are finding that your work space is overcrowded and not ideal for working, here are just a few items that can help you organize your belongings and get you back on track.

LED Folding Desk Lamp

Lumisource LED Folding Table Lamp

The first thing you will want to note in your office space is if you are getting adequate light. Of course, natural light from windows will help you to stay productive, but if you need some extra help, consider the LED Folding Desk Lamp. Not only is this lamp a stylish and modern design, it works as a portable table lamp to allow you to work in any setting. It is collapsible which allows it to be easily moved and also has a telescoping arm. There are several settings from dim, low light to a brighter option.

MagNet Mesh Organizer

MagNet Mesh Organizer

If you find yourself always looking for a pen or something to write on, this MagNet Mesh Organizer was made for you. Here you have everything all in one spot, allowing you to throw away your previous scattered brain self. It also has a special strong magnetic back, allowing you to place this on the side of your desk to give you more working room.

MURO Perforated Magnet Board

Blomus Muro Magnetic Perforated Board

Keeping track of important dates, messages and meetings has never been easier with this Magnetic Perforated Board. Not only does the perforated steel make it attractive, you will also be sure to keep this board for a while as it can handle the daily wear and tear. The perforated aspect also is excellent for putting hooks on for keys. Now you can have everything important all in one place. This is also great for the home to help keep everyone’s schedules straight and keep important papers such as grocery lists and doctor appointments.

Anti Slip LapTray

Bosign Anti Slip Lap Tray

If you often bring work from the office back home, or if your home is your workspace, the Anti-Slip Laptray is a handy tool to have. Most lap trays will be great in concept but may slide and not do the job of holding everything on it in place. This work surface has been tested with laptops, phones, cups, and bowls. You can now be more productive by eating while you work. It also comes with a mold-able pillow bottom so that you do not have to have the direct heat of your laptop ever touch your thighs again.

Do you find that you have a special area in your home that you are most productive in? Do you already use similar items in your workspace? Let us know in the comments below!

5 Functional Items for the Minimalistic Home or Office


Minimalism is growing as a movement, and more and more people are becoming attracted to the minimalistic lifestyle for good reason. There are several reasons why minimalism is so attractive in today’s society including: a growing concern for the environment, a lack of trust in the current economic status (from the worldwide financial turmoil to personal debt), and a feeling of increased global social awareness of injustice and poverty.

Modern aesthetics experienced a large growth in the 1960s and 1970s, and these same principles continue to govern modern design. Here are five functional items that can help create your home or office into a minimalistic workspace to offer you a more productive lifestyle:

5 O'Clock Wall Clock

5 O’Clock Wall Clock

Also affectionately known as the “working man’s clock”, this clock will help remind you when you can get off of work. Perfect for the office, the 5 O’Clock Wall Clock keeps you on track and can help make your work go faster. Due to its quartz movement, it only functions on one AA battery that is included, and is easily replaced. This is also an excellent gift to give your friends at work.


Verbarius Clock

If the 5 O’Clock Wall Clock is too confusing for you, try this handy Vebarius clock instead. The Verbarius clock makes telling time simple and easy with words and phrases instead of numbers. This is the perfect clock for your office or study room at home. The little black box will show messages such as “midnight” to “fifty-five minutes to eleven p.m” to keep you on track in whatever task you may be doing.

The clock comes preloaded in English, German, Spanish, French and Russian, and you can easily add in any other language through the USB port.

Bin Bin Waste Basket

Bin Bin Waste Basket

The Bin Bin Waste Basket is designed by John Brauer and has won several design awards including the Good Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award, and the IF-product Design Award. It is shaped like a crinkled paper and comes in black or white. Whether you put this in your office or home, it will be a great addition to the room and can bring character and class.

Conceal Bookshelf

Large Conceal Shelf

This Conceal Bookshelf is the essence of minimalism. Not only does it hold an extremely functional element in storing your books, it also hides its use so that it seems like there are simple a stack of books floating on your wall. The invisible bookshelf will not only allow you to organize your office or home so that it looks clean, it also has a sense of style that cannot be missed.

Mr. N LED Lamp

Mr. N LED Lamp

This compact table lamp not only works as a lamp but also is a beautiful sculpture that will sit perfectly in your home. Whether you use it as a nightstand, desk or simple a decoration, you can control the lighting by a quick touch. This beautiful lamp has won both Interior Design’s Best of Year Honoree 2013 Product and Spark Awards 2013 Bronze Winner.

Having this in your home will be a highlight and people may comment that they recognize this Mr. N LED Lamp from the first episode of the television series, “Better Call Saul”. You also will receive a cloth to clean it as well as a free mini LED rotating joint clip book light when you order.

Daisy Loving in Your Life: April Flower of the Month

As April is quickly ending, what better way to continue celebrating the warm weather and new life with the April Birth Flower, the daisy.


Daisies are cheerful and colorful, symbolizing childhood memories, pure innocence, and a sense of simplicity and joy. These are an easy plant to grow in our garden, and come in a variety of colors. If you do not have a green thumb, there are plenty of ways to embody the daisy spirit in other ways. Here are some ways you can bring some of these vibrant colors into your life:



White is a staple color that automatically can brighten up a room. It works as the perfect backdrop for any other accent color. White is so commonly used in modern spaces because of its fresh, neutral look. Paying attention to the white space can help you relieve stress and unnecessary worries in your life. If your home or workplace is already busy with other colors, try adding some white accessories to balance it out for a calm, refreshing new feel.

blomus muro

You could try a faded gray stainless steel MURO Magnetic Board (comes in sizes from XS to XXL depending on your preference). The magnetic board will also help get your life in control by allowing you to place everything that is important at the moment in one place.

Shades of Yellow, Red, and Purple

Colored daisies stick out in a field of daisies with their bright, shining color. From shades of yellow to pinks, reds and purple, daisies come in all sorts of colors. Adding a pop of yellow into your home or office is like placing a few rays of sunshine in a room.


If you are bold, why not take a look at some more vibrant pieces of furniture to put in the office or your home? This Psychedelic Office Desk will be a conversation starter, and will keep your work life interesting.

Lumisource Psychedelic DeskOf course, you can always stick to adding smaller snippets of color with some artwork on the walls, accessories such as pillow cases and decorations, or a colorful, daisy-themed centerpiece.

The everlasting beauty of the daisy flower does not have to fade away when April ends but is a great source of inspiration to take from all year long.