Must-Have Gear for Summer Picnics

Are you planning a picnic this summer? Picnics are a great idea for getting outside and experiencing the summer months among nature. Maybe you are having a family-fun picnic or something a bit more private for you and a loved one. Either way, you’ll be glad you have these picnic essentials for that next adventure at eating outdoors.

WIRES Bottle Carrier

Looking to bring a lot of bottles with you on your picnic travels? Instead of struggling to carry all those bottles, and especially for those that are glass, you can easily store and carry them in the WIRES Bottle Carrier. This handy case can hold up to 6 bottles, so whether it is water, wine, soda, or alcohol, you can load this carrier up and head outside.

Inset Salad Servers

For those healthier cuisine options on your picnic menu, serve them up in style with the Inset Salad Servers. What is really unique about this set is that the fork half can actually fit into the spoon part, making traveling with them even better.

Wine Cooler

Keep those wine bottles nice and chilly as you enjoy your picnicking with the Wine Cooler. This insulated collar will wrap around your bottles and keep the cool in and the warm out so you’ll have a nice chilled glass of wine to pour when the time is right.

Picnic Basket Kit

For the ultimate in picnic luxury, you have to check out this Picnic Basket Kit. You’ll have practically everything you could ask for when it comes to a picnic for four. Included are 4 sets of silverware, 4 dinner plates, 4 wine glasses, 4 napkins, 2 salt & pepper shakers, and 1 bottle opener. There is enough space inside this roomy basket to fit all your picnic goodies as well, so just grab your blanket and you’ll be all set.

Portable Picnic Table 

For those who would prefer the picnic without the eating on the ground part, you’ll love this Portable Picnic Table. Now you’ll have a place to eat with you anywhere you go. It is durable yet light enough to be carried with you to your picnic site and will unfold easily so you can start eating quicker. Say goodbye to sitting on the dirty ground and hello to a new way to enjoy your picnic time anytime.

Picnic Umbrella

For those sunnier days when you wish to picnic without getting burnt beneath the blistering summer sun, you’ll be glad you have the Picnic Umbrella. Besides the sun, nothing will ruin a picnic faster than the rain. Never fear getting rained out again with this durable cover that will protect you from the sun and weather. Portable and easy to set up, you’ll have plenty of room underneath this spacious umbrella to fit the entire family on your next picnic outing.

Fiery Décor for Your Outdoors

It is always fun to host a party in your backyard. You either barbecue on the grill or create a spread of delicious foods for your guests to pick from. As the daylight slowly fades away and gives way to the evening, you’ll need light in that yard of yours to not only see by but also keep you and your guest warm during those chillier night gatherings. Don’t let the party stop just because the sun went down with these five sources of illumination that will not only provide you with the light you need, but will also add a modern, decorative look to your outdoor living space.

Orchos Garden Miniature Torches

Line your garden, pathways, or driveways with a little light from the Orchos Garden Miniature Torches. These beautiful stainless steel mini torches will stand firm and strong in the ground, making sure you keep receiving the illumination you desire for up to 3 whole hours. Make your next party or gathering extra special with some help from these torches.

Debonair Orchos Torch

If you are planning your next outdoor luau and want to frame your yard with tiki torches, forget the classic wooden ones you are used to and go more modern and contemporary with the Debonair Orchos Torch. Stylish, sleek, and beautiful to admire, let the flames dance in the night with this stainless steel version of a traditional tiki torch.

Hudson Indoor Outdoor Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

Who says you can’t have a portable fireplace just as sophisticated as the traditional one attached to your house? The Hudson Indoor Outdoor Bio-Ethanol Fireplace was built to move both inside and out thanks to its lightweight, ventless, no gas or electric hook up design. With smooth tempered glass walls on three sides, wind won’t blow out this fire so you can stay warm and toasty late into the night.

Tabletop Stainless Steel Garden Torch

Perhaps you would rather decorate your patio tables with some wonderful light sources but just can’t seem to find ones that will fit that elegant style and contemporary sophistication you are going for. The Tabletop Stainless Steel Garden Torches are the answer to all your lighting needs. Enjoy your evening meal with some lovely lighting from these very sleek-looking lamps.

FUOCO Tabletop Firepit

Instead of a traditional firepit that you and your guests sit around on the ground, you can go modern with the FUOCO Tabletop Firepit that will get you off the ground and around the table. This stylish firepit has a solid black outer surface made from frost-proof pottery, giving it a streamlined appearance, sleek look, and durable design able to withstand the elements.

Fall-Inspired Outdoor Decor

Even though the crisp air of fall can be a little chilly, it can still be heartwarming to be outside with a warm fire to keep you warm. Fall is the time where you enjoy your last days outside before winter hits. With the right decor, you will want to be going out into the yard all the time to enjoy some wine and friend’s company. Not only will you be reminiscent of those warm summer nights, you will also be making new memories as well.

Below are some items that will make your time outdoors in the fall that much more pleasant.


FUOCO Tabletop Firepit

A good fire pit can warm up anyone in close vicinity. This tabletop fire pit can burn up to two hours and is the perfect addition for any outdoor part. The solid black outer surface with its frost-proof pottery is a piece of artwork in itself, and also serves to hold the fire safely. The fire pit comes with an extinguisher that allows you to easily put out the fire whenever you wish.


LUMBRA Lantern

This sleek design of the old-fashioned lantern is a perfect addition to your home this fall. You can keep it outside until the wintertime and bring it in for a modern home decor as well, allowing the warm glow to come into your home just in time for the holidays. The warm candlelight it offers during the night is a nice balance to the white, sleek look it gives off during the day.


Viento Pinwheel

As winds pick up during fall time, this Pinwheel is a fun accessory to add to your garden or yard. Not only will you be able to track how fast the wind is going, the pinwheel standing over 27” will not be missed by your neighbors as well. It is made of stainless steel and is long-lasting throughout all the seasons. It also helps deter birds due to its reflective quality, so any garden plants or flowers you may have will be safe.


GREENS Round Planter on Wheels

Even though spring and summer are over, there are many plants that grow year-round and now is an excellent time to add them to your garden. This Round Planter on Wheels is both lightweight and mobile, allowing you to move in the planter whenever it does get too cold for them in the winter. From planting your own vegetables to just having a beautiful landscape, you can get creative with the placement with these re-arrangeable indoor or outdoor planters!

Your outdoor experience in the autumn will be greatly enhanced with the above items, and you will want to spend even more time outdoors in the beautiful fall weather!

Vase Inspiration from the September Birth Flower Aster


One of September’s birth flowers is the beautiful Aster. Most people might not have heard of this flower but here are some fun facts about it:

-It is a fall-blooming herb which makes it a perfect flower for September.

-The flowers themselves will often be confused with daisies, as they look quite similar.

-The Aster is not related to the daisy, but instead is a relative of the sunflower.

-The Aster symbolizes several things including love, faith, and wisdom.

-Asters come in many colors including pink, red, white, lilac and mauve. All will have yellow as the center though.

If you do decide to gift your friend or loved one with these Aster flowers, here are some ideas for what to pair it with for a gift that will last and be memorable.

MoMA Outline Vase

Outline Vase

As the Aster flower can easily stand alone and take the center of attention, this Outline Vase is the perfect container for a one-stem flower. Designed by Yuko Tokuda for the Museum of Modern Art!, this vase also stands alone as an artistic piece of porcelain ceramic that is perfect as a thoughtful gift. The Aster flower will shine in this vase, and the vase will be able to be used in the future for other single flowers in bloom.

MoMA Chalkboard Vase

Chalkboard Vase

You can pair different colors of Asters into this Chalkboard Vase, or stick to a color theme within the home. This is also an excellent gift to give a co-worker or loved one, as you can pair a nice message on the chalkboard area of the vase. This creative design is part of the MoMA collection to show how art can easily be integrated into any object. The vase will also live far longer than the Aster flower, and is an excellent way to exchange fun messages and drawings with your friends.

April Vase by Tse Tse

April Vase

If you are looking to grow a whole batch of beautiful Aster flowers this September, this April Vase is just what you need. Not only can you put them all together for one big bundle, if you would like to separate them they come in small components. The goal of the vase was to be able to fit into smaller spaces that a normal vase may not, and now you can fill all the nooks and crannies in your home with fresh flowers. The glass tubes are delicate and aesthetically pleasing, making it a great addition to any home.

The Aster flower is the perfect flower to bring into your home this September and now you have plenty of options for placing them in a thoughtful location. Whether you use the vase as a gift or for yourself, it will come into good use and brighten up your month!