Spring Decor: 4 Inspirational Vases



Nothing quite defines springtime as all the colorful flowers in bloom when you step outside. As new life is bursting, from the soft hum of the bees to the little ducklings, there is a sense of vibrant energy that cannot be missed. Why not transfer some of these colors and beauty into your home?

As the other half of the flower is the vase it is in, you do not have to stick to a boring, typical vase anymore. Make the vase a part of your home decor. Below are just some creative vases that will really stick out and allow your flowers to shine.

outline vase


Outline Vase

This Outline Vase is a design curated by the Museum of Modern Art, and is a beautiful modern porcelain ceramic material. It takes the outline of a common vase and turns it into an extraordinary art piece. It works best with displaying one simple flower bud, as this goes with the rest of the minimalist look. This vase will win you many compliments from your guests.

blossom vase

Blossom Vase

Also curated by the Museum of Modern Art, this beautiful Blossom Vase stretches the boundaries of the ordinary vase. The flowers are held by brass rods that are attached to the bottom of the vase. This vase is perfect for stem-like spring flowers such as tulips and lilies. Everyone will be quite amazed to walk over and realize these flowers are real and appear to be defying gravity.

chalkboard vase

Chalkboard Vase

A favorite amongst children and adults alike, this chalkboard vase allows you to create your own vase right under the flowers. Whether you use it as a message area for your family, or simply a whimsical decoration, it can be a great asset to have. This is also an excellent gift for friends or coworkers and fits in perfect in an office setting. This design is part of MoMa, and was even included in MoMa’s Collection Destination: Brazil due to its innovative and thoughtful contemporary design.

A Peaceful Bomb Vase

A Peaceful Bomb Vase 

Whether you are a loud advocate for peace or not, this Peaceful Bomb Vase is the perfect gesture of making a bold statement in your home. The white ceramic will go perfect in any home and is the perfect place to have colorful flowers burst out of. It will no doubt be a conversation starter in your garden or home, and you can help do your part in having an important message spread.

Any of the above choices will look great paired with spring flowers and will add a sprinkle of life and design into your home this spring!

Bring Out the Wildflowers! National Wildflower Week Inspiration


The second week of May is officially National Wildflower Week in the United States and there are many ways to celebrate. First, a little background on why National Wildflower Week came about:

Lady Bird Johnson started this initiative as a way to celebrate the wildflowers that grow throughout or nation from highways to gardens. They seemingly are an accidental feature, but wildflowers have a huge importance in conserving water, providing natural habitats for birds and butterflies, and protects the soil it grows on from erosion.

Many local botanical gardens or garden centers may have special events during this week to celebrate the wildflowers, but even if you cannot find somewhere to participate close by, there are plenty of ways you can be active within your home and community. Following are some ways to celebrate the beauty of National Wildflower Week!


Improving your own garden:

Wildflowers are an excellent way to add some natural life into your home and build a whole working ecosystem. Some accessories to help with this process includes the VERDO Watering Can and Herb Pot Duo. Even if you do like a nice grassy lawn, try and see if you can make it wildflower friendly. Wildflower conservation takes minimal effort, but can be a little push to do your part in helping our earth!


Recycling in Your Home: 

You may be wondering how recycling has anything to do with protecting the wildflower habitat. If you think about it though, the amount of trash that ends up in a landfill could be used for supporting plant life. The less landfills there are, the cleaner our planet is. Consider using a reusable soap dispenser or designated trash cans for paper, plastic and cans, so that you can mindlessly recycle.


Going for a Hike: 

An excellent way to understand more about your local habitat and to appreciate the local wildflowers in your area is to go for a hike. Whether this is a mountain or simply a field or botanical garden, take your camera and snap a few shots to share with your family and friends. As the weather transitions from spring to summer, make sure you stay hydrated with an eco-friendly water bottle such as the Glass Water Bottle with Stopper or this CAPSULE Water Carafe. Both options will keep your water nice and cool so that you are always staying refreshed.

Donating Time or Money: 

Perhaps you can offer a few hours a week to volunteer at a local garden, park, or nature center. Many local parks will have maintenance costs and even a small amount can go a long way. The work that the wildflowers do for us without us realizing is huge and it is great to give back in any way we can!

Are you celebrating National Wildflower Week? Do you have any suggestions of other things to do? Let us know in the comments below!


Spring Trends: Clean & Simple Bathrooms


There is no better way to feel comfortable and at ease than in a clean and simple bathroom. Just like the clean, fresh feel of a spring day, the bathroom is where you come to refresh and rejuvenate. If you are looking to revamp your whole bathroom, or simply looking to add some useful products into your life, here are few things you may want to consider!

Blomus Slice Laundry Bin

Slice Laundry Bin

The bathroom is a place of necessity and this means that each item should be carefully thought about. If you find that your dirty clothes are always lying on your floor, you may want to invest in this Slice Laundry Bin. This nicely designed stainless steel and wood combination is the perfect place to throw all your towels or clothes so that you do not have to deal with it until you do your laundry.

Vindo Twin Towel Hook

VINDO Towel Hook

This useful towel hook can be a lifesaver for your bathroom. Not only is it stable and easily installed, it also adds a modern touch that can match the rest of the simple and clean aesthetic of the bathroom. You can also use these for other items outside of the bathroom, from accessories such as scarves and necklaces, to coats and umbrellas.


Baby Penguin Soap Dispenser 

Are you tired of buying a new bottle of soap every few months? Not only is this costly it is also not eco-friendly with all the plastic that is being wasted.

Consider buying this super cute Penguin Soap Dispenser to brighten up your day each time you wash your hands. It comes in white, black, or red, and has a sleek nozzle that is designed to fit the perfect amount of soap for your hands. There is a nice window in the front of the bottle to keep you informed when you may need to add more soap.


Orvino Tumbler

One of the first things that will make a bathroom look messy is all your toiletries spilled onto the counter. A quick solution to this is to use this nicely designed Orvino Tumbler as a place to store your toothbrush and toothpaste. The white, break resistant melamine is the perfect material for this holder.


Aquala Bathtub Caddy 

The best part of the bathroom is being able to fully relax in the bathtub after a long day of work. Even better is a glass of wine and a book, all within arms reach. The Aquala Bathtub Caddy makes this dream a quick possibility. It simply sits between the bathtub and allows you to do all the relaxing. This is a great gift to give a significant other or a friend!

These five products are the perfect way to brighten up your bathroom and bring some order and cleanliness into your daily life!



3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Your Home

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Even though every day should be a day to celebrate living on this Earth, April 22nd is officially recognized as “Earth Day” in the United States. As April is also springtime, it is an excellent time to refresh your home and celebrate nature and this earth we are a part of.

Below are just some ideas for you get started:

Recycle and Reuse

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Hopefully you already have a recycling trash system in your home, but if not, it is never too late to start.

There are also many other ways you can recycle and reuse including:
-Donating old electronics, furniture, or clothes to your local secondhand shop.
-Holding a yard sale to get rid of items from your spring cleaning.
-Think twice before purchasing new compulsory items. Not only will you be able to save some extra money, you will also not be contributing to extra waste.

Plant Trees and Flowers

Blomus GREENS Planter

Earth Day is famous for people around the nation planting trees to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and clean pollution.

If you do not have room for trees, try adding some extra plants and flowers in your home or garden. If you need to move your plants for extra sunlight, you can consider getting a mobile planter.

Try taking this time to learn about plants and flowers that are native to your area to further your education about the environment. You may even find that you have a green thumb, and can plant some local vegetables and fruits to use in the kitchen.

Conserve Water and Energy

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

It is always important to be thinking about how you can conserve water and energy in your daily habits. If you are not consciously doing so, let this Earth Day be a chance for you to make some changes around your home. Of course, not all of us can install solar panels or make huge changes to our homes.

However, some little things that may go a far way include:
-Taking shorter showers, turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth, and watching how much water use when you wash the dishes.
-Using MyEnergy.com to track your home energy to make appropriate changes.
-Find a company on www.carwash.org that uses WaterSavers for your next car wash.
-Using a watering can to water your lawn can help save water.

It really is up to each one of us to make a conscious choice to help make a better change on this Earth.