5 Functional Items for the Minimalistic Home or Office


Minimalism is growing as a movement, and more and more people are becoming attracted to the minimalistic lifestyle for good reason. There are several reasons why minimalism is so attractive in today’s society including: a growing concern for the environment, a lack of trust in the current economic status (from the worldwide financial turmoil to personal debt), and a feeling of increased global social awareness of injustice and poverty.

Modern aesthetics experienced a large growth in the 1960s and 1970s, and these same principles continue to govern modern design. Here are five functional items that can help create your home or office into a minimalistic workspace to offer you a more productive lifestyle:

5 O'Clock Wall Clock

5 O’Clock Wall Clock

Also affectionately known as the “working man’s clock”, this clock will help remind you when you can get off of work. Perfect for the office, the 5 O’Clock Wall Clock keeps you on track and can help make your work go faster. Due to its quartz movement, it only functions on one AA battery that is included, and is easily replaced. This is also an excellent gift to give your friends at work.


Verbarius Clock

If the 5 O’Clock Wall Clock is too confusing for you, try this handy Vebarius clock instead. The Verbarius clock makes telling time simple and easy with words and phrases instead of numbers. This is the perfect clock for your office or study room at home. The little black box will show messages such as “midnight” to “fifty-five minutes to eleven p.m” to keep you on track in whatever task you may be doing.

The clock comes preloaded in English, German, Spanish, French and Russian, and you can easily add in any other language through the USB port.

Bin Bin Waste Basket

Bin Bin Waste Basket

The Bin Bin Waste Basket is designed by John Brauer and has won several design awards including the Good Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award, and the IF-product Design Award. It is shaped like a crinkled paper and comes in black or white. Whether you put this in your office or home, it will be a great addition to the room and can bring character and class.

Conceal Bookshelf

Large Conceal Shelf

This Conceal Bookshelf is the essence of minimalism. Not only does it hold an extremely functional element in storing your books, it also hides its use so that it seems like there are simple a stack of books floating on your wall. The invisible bookshelf will not only allow you to organize your office or home so that it looks clean, it also has a sense of style that cannot be missed.

Mr. N LED Lamp

Mr. N LED Lamp

This compact table lamp not only works as a lamp but also is a beautiful sculpture that will sit perfectly in your home. Whether you use it as a nightstand, desk or simple a decoration, you can control the lighting by a quick touch. This beautiful lamp has won both Interior Design’s Best of Year Honoree 2013 Product and Spark Awards 2013 Bronze Winner.

Having this in your home will be a highlight and people may comment that they recognize this Mr. N LED Lamp from the first episode of the television series, “Better Call Saul”. You also will receive a cloth to clean it as well as a free mini LED rotating joint clip book light when you order.

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