Daisy Loving in Your Life: April Flower of the Month

As April is quickly ending, what better way to continue celebrating the warm weather and new life with the April Birth Flower, the daisy.


Daisies are cheerful and colorful, symbolizing childhood memories, pure innocence, and a sense of simplicity and joy. These are an easy plant to grow in our garden, and come in a variety of colors. If you do not have a green thumb, there are plenty of ways to embody the daisy spirit in other ways. Here are some ways you can bring some of these vibrant colors into your life:



White is a staple color that automatically can brighten up a room. It works as the perfect backdrop for any other accent color. White is so commonly used in modern spaces because of its fresh, neutral look. Paying attention to the white space can help you relieve stress and unnecessary worries in your life. If your home or workplace is already busy with other colors, try adding some white accessories to balance it out for a calm, refreshing new feel.

blomus muro

You could try a faded gray stainless steel MURO Magnetic Board (comes in sizes from XS to XXL depending on your preference). The magnetic board will also help get your life in control by allowing you to place everything that is important at the moment in one place.

Shades of Yellow, Red, and Purple

Colored daisies stick out in a field of daisies with their bright, shining color. From shades of yellow to pinks, reds and purple, daisies come in all sorts of colors. Adding a pop of yellow into your home or office is like placing a few rays of sunshine in a room.


If you are bold, why not take a look at some more vibrant pieces of furniture to put in the office or your home? This Psychedelic Office Desk will be a conversation starter, and will keep your work life interesting.

Lumisource Psychedelic DeskOf course, you can always stick to adding smaller snippets of color with some artwork on the walls, accessories such as pillow cases and decorations, or a colorful, daisy-themed centerpiece.

The everlasting beauty of the daisy flower does not have to fade away when April ends but is a great source of inspiration to take from all year long.

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