Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you haven’t already thought about what to buy for your significant other, now is the time to start. If you are tired of the typical ordinary chocolate and flowers, here are some creative items from our store that will stand out and make 2015 a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Relaxing Gifts

The beginning of the year can be a stressful time for everyone as we are focused on our New Year’s Resolutions. From worries at work to personal life, Valentine’s Day is a great time to relieve the unnecessary stress.

Citrus No.7 Tin Candle

The Citrus Serenity is a perfectly romantic candle is by Hillhouse Naturals and features a blend of scents including fresh woods, lemongrass, kaffir lime, kumquat, and verbena.

CINO Aromatherapy BurnerProvide a relaxing environment for you and your loved one by pairing this candle with a CINO Aromatherapy Burner. The CINO Aromatherapy Burner can be used as a candle holder but also burns oil as well for some extra nice scents.

As the candle and oil burns, you and your loved one’s room will be infused with feelings of tranquility as both your worries disappear. These two gifts paired together will start your Valentine’s Day the right way!

A Little Humor

If your partner enjoys a good laugh, consider getting them a quirky yet practical gift for this Valentine’s Day.
Fred and Friends Unzip

You could go for this Unzippped Glass Bag that works as a bowl but looks like a sandwich bag from afar. It is made of high-quality hand-blown glass, and can be the perfect decoration to any room. To go the extra, consider filling the bag with sweet chocolates or a favorite candy.

Fred & Friends Foot In The Door Stop

This Foot in the Door can be a funny gift to get your significant other as a practical joke. It is quite useful as it works as a doorstop that is quite attractive. Pair this gift with a funny note or perhaps a real pair of shoes to make your loved one’s Valentine’s Day filled with laughter this year!

Romantic Basics

Go back to the basics of Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate your lover with a few romantic gestures.


Buy a bottle of wine and celebrate Valentine’s Day at home and make a lovely home-cooked meal of appreciation. Or surprise your loved one by bringing them breakfast in bed. Use this slippage-resistant Pegos Serving Tray to hold your glasses and food in a high-fashioned way.

Whatever you decide, make Valentine’s Day 2015 a day you can look back on fondly. Have you already bought a Valentine’s Day gift? What are some of your Valentine’s Day plans?

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